The Central Association of Finnish Photographic Organizations, Finnfoto

The main aim for the Central association of Finnish photographic organisations, Finnfoto, is to work for the benefit of all Finnish photographers, professional and amateur alike.

As a member of the copyright-organisation in Finland, Kopiosto ry, Finnfoto monitors the copyrights of photographers, gives advise concerning copyright matters and oversees copyright-legalisation in Finland.

Finnfoto also gives statements to the public administration and different corporate bodies, as well as make proposals concerning photographic matters of its member organisations eg. nature photographing etc.

One of the main aims for Finnfoto is to improve the photographer’s status as well as their appreciation as professionals. Finnfoto also contributes art photography and -culture and improves the collaboration of its member organisations.

Internationally Finnfoto is a member of the Pyramide Europe -organisation and has co-operation with different Scandinavian photographic organisations.

Finnfoto also arranges and supports photo-exhibitions and gives scholarships to photographers for different projects. These are founded by copyright-royalties received through Kopiosto ry. Finnfoto also publishes photographic literature.

Member organisations of Finnfoto are national and reputable Finnish photographic associations;

  • Suomen Fotokaupanliitto ry (The Union of Photo Traders)
  • Suomen Ammattiluonnonvalokuvaajat ry (Professional nature photographers)
  • Suomen Kameraseurojen Liitto ry (Central organisation of Finnish camera clubs)
  • Suomen Luonnonvalokuvaajat ry, Finlands Naturfotografer rf (Finnish nature photographers, non-professional)
  • Suomen Ammattivalokuvaajat ry (Finnish Professional Photographers Association)
  • Taidevalokuvaajat – Fotoart ry (The Art Photographers Association)

In 2020 Finnfoto member organisations had altogether about 11 00 members.